Grow your small business.

Stop dreaming. Stop wishing.  Build and execute the RIGHT action plan to hit your goals.

Take Action!

Over 10,000 small businesses in 9 countries have used the Silver Lining Action Plan (SLAP!) methodology to grow.

Get serious. Then set your One Year Financial Goal.

Build Your Action Plan.  Know exactly what Actions to take to get you the Results you want.

Get Accountability, Resources, and Support so that you actually follow through.

Hit Your Goals and Succeed!  And then set next year’s goal and hit those too.

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“Its like Weight Watchers for small business” – TechCrunch

I have been SLAPn for 7 years.  A few years ago I got off track, didn’t build a SLAP that year and ended up almost shutting down my business.  Randomly, I found one of my old Action Plans and it literally SLAPd me right back into shape.  I set new goals, but a new plan, joined SLAP+ and my business is bigger this year than ever before. SLAP got me back!

Dan Yurman

Founder, Page 7

Every year I use SLAP to set my company’s growth goals. And then I get my team to each own their part of the growth we want to create. And then I manage our progress in SLAPcenter. Every single week my team and I use SLAP to update our Action Items, Results and do a Reflection the past week. We always hit our goals! Melodie Bissell

Founder, Plan to Protect

I have done a lot of coaching, training and consulting programs.  I love SLAP because it is NONE of those things.  It helped me get clarity on what I want out of my business, build a totally practical one year Action Plan to hit my goal and then given me tons of community, accountability and support as I have gone through a big transition with my business. John Verbrugge

Founder, Tech Marketing

I’ m a barber by training- but I have big dreams to expand my barber shop into multiple locations.  SLAP has given me total clarity around my numbers, a serious Action Plan so that I know exactly how to spend my time and money so that I actually hit my goals AND they don’t let me off the hook.  When I fall off track, they get me back.

Jason Robinson

Founder, 8to8 Barber Shop

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